Sfera came out of the idea of mixing the music that the swiss composer Nick Baertsch wrote for Makrokosmos Quartet with the dance of the great spanish dancer Andrés Marín. Two universes: the music and the dance come together within the same sphere.

Mystical, repetitive and ritual music of N.Baertsch makes Andrés Marín dance, who puts his body in the music as a supplementary instrument, turning the quartet into a quintet. Baertsch's pieces have a musical characteristic that resembles an architecturally organized space. This character penetrates into the music, moves forward and obsessively circularu. While playing this, Makrokosmos Quartet turns in a complementary organism which can think both with its ears and hands.

Wathcing Andrés performing a conmeporary dance in Sfera, one feels like surrounded by his elegance. The radical personal vision and utterly contemporary style bring an intensity to the production.

The sound, the colours and the timbers of the two pianos and the two percussions are continuosly interacting and circulating with the music of Nick. The interwining of the notes and the incessant repetitions of the rhythms find a force in a very mystical discourse.

In Sfera, Andrés Marín, Makrokosmos and nIck Baertsch offer us a mystic, hypnotic, cosmic and spheric journey.



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